laptop repairs

okay let’s talk about some of the tools
you’re going to need to get started on
doing laptop repairs first and most
basic is just a screwdriver you can
almost get away with doing a whole
repair on a laptop just a screwdriver
that’s a Phillips you should have a
Phillips and a straight head smart thing
to do might be to get a screwdriver kit
like this one this is my favorite one
it’s made by a company called vellum in
and I like them because they’re super
cheap and the tips of the screwdrivers
don’t wear out a lot of cheap
screwdrivers do but this set does not
what does break however is the handles
and these two broke in half but they are
actually my favorite two screwdrivers
that I use for doing laptop repair it’s
that one in that one out of the
development case and you’ll see in the
videos these are the screwdrivers I
mainly use for taking nap tops apart I
like that they broke because they fit in
your hand easier and they’re easier to
maneuver and that’s what I use for
screwdrivers now you could also get
precision screwdrivers too and I bought
these at RadioShack and they’re good for
getting in the real fine screws then
you’re going to need pliers and wire
cutters definitely need both of these I
recommend getting four pliers a set like
this and with the wire cutters included
you get them at like Home Depot or
Lowe’s or any hardware store and these
will allow you to get into the more
tinier places where mainly that’s all
you deal with with laptops you need a
small set of tools as well
definitely need to have a flashlight
something where if a spots dark you can
see a little bit better and a soldering
iron is crucial now this is the
soldering iron stand and that’s the
soldering iron I use just a simple
RadioShack 15 watt soldering iron does
the job for me
this is the model number it’s a 64 – 205
and the stand get that separate or
sometimes they come in a combination
another thing that’s really wise to get
is a desoldering iron especially for
power jacks if you’ve got some stingy
power jacks don’t want to become
disconnected to use this thing which is
d soldering iron it’s neat you actually
squeeze that little red thing and then
when you release it you could suck the
solder out through the soldering iron or
you could use desoldering braid which is
another thing I use in conjunction with
the desoldering iron which seems to work
great this is the solder I use 6040 0.03
to diameter rosin core solder I get that
at RadioShack and that’s pretty much my
soldering kit right there another must
is a multimeter you can find these
ranging from like $10 to $100 this is a
RadioShack model not my favorite model
the one I use in the videos is my
favorite model which I got at my
Crisanta for like 10 bucks so you can
find them cheap and what you just want
to have are the basics I mean there’s
not too many features that I would
recommend for a multimeter but one that
I do is definitely to make sure it has a
beep mode where if you set it to test
continuity and you touch the two leads
together you’re going to get a beep
because I use that a lot when I do power
Jack repairs and next is just to have
some wire when you’re doing power Jack
repairs or different types of repairs
you get this at any type of store like
RadioShack or order it online heat
shrink tubing is a must I use this quite
a bit especially when I’m doing power
adaptor repairs where I have to replace
the tip on a power adapter or do any
kind of repair on a power adapter heat
shrink tubing is another place you can
get any pretty much anywhere I get mine
at RadioShack and micro Center but you
can order it online
another tool that I feel as a must is
helping hands helping hands is simply
you know a base with some alligator
clips connected to it in the magnifying
glass it allows you to hold things
providing you basically with another set
of hands so you could do some you know
more difficult tasks like soldering
things or having things held down that
would be normally flapping all around so
helping hands are great for that files
definitely get a small set of files of
like tiny files I use this especially
for uh scuffing up a wire or creating
contact points on a motherboard and this
picture shows files don’t get the wrong
idea these are actually miniature files
they’re pretty small you’ll see how they
look in the videos exacto knives now
exactly knives are something I use
fairly frequently but you never know
when you’re going to need something
really sharp to cut something that
you’re dealing with and exacto knives
are small and they’re sharp it’s perfect
tool to get in there and cut things or
shave things that need to be taken care
of and the next thing is glue now this
is Elmer’s carpenters glue I’m almost
using this just for the sake of the
picture but I use that very sparingly
the main glues that I actually use are a
little bit of gorilla glue mainly crazy
glue crazy glue is actually very great
for attaching plastic to plastic and a
lot of laptop repairs are just dealing
with plastic so definitely recommend
crazy glue it’s cheap and you get your
hands on that pretty much anywhere as
well when you want something a little
more difficult you need a strong bond
try epoxy they make five-minute epoxy
which basically dries in five minutes I
recommend letting it sit overnight but
you could technically dry things in five
minutes and then they make different
bonds of epoxy and we actually have to
mix two tubes of material and it smells
pretty strong you want to be in a
ventilated area but it does provide a
strong bond haven’t used epoxy in a
while again my main thing that uses two
Krazy Glue thermal grease now thermal
grease is what we use to create a bond
between the processor and a heat sink so
heat can flow through efficiently and
dissipate and popular brand of thermal
greases Arctic silver and I have a
little tube of that and that’s what I
use mainly it gets a little expensive
but you can use pretty
Jenny thermal grease you’ll be okay now
you’ll see in a later video is exactly
how I use the thermal grease how much I
use in this kind of thing so stay tuned
for that

okay now foam I always use a piece of
foam when I’m working on laptop so I
don’t scratch the top of the laptop when
I’m working on it upside down you can
also use it with circuit boards we don’t
want like a delicate circuit board to
touch the surface that you’re working on
I get these foam pieces usually out of
desktop motherboard boxes when I get a
motherboard in it for a desktop it’s
usually shipped in a box it has a square
piece of foam under it that’s pretty
much exactly what I’m using there
compressed air now if you watch these
videos you’re going to see that I use
compressed air a lot when I’m working on
laptops I use it to clean out dusty
areas on a laptop I also use it to blow
out the CPU fan get all the chunks of
dust out of there also in the heatsink
for the CPU I blow air through the fins
of that clean that all out now the only
problem with compressed air is it’s
expensive so if you’re going to use a
lot of it I recommend using like a
blower on a wet/dry vac and I talked
about one that I recommend later in this
video a drill a drill is a great thing
to have if you ever need to drill holes
in a laptop case which I’ll show you a
couple of the videos and get a good set
of drill bits that aren’t going to flake
out on if possible
I prefer a cordless drill just because
it’s more easy to you know maneuver it’s
not too unwieldy so I use a black &
decker 4 that screws and Hardware every
time I have some leftover screws or
ifire screws from anywhere that small
tiny I collect them I put them in a
small little case store them up because
you never know when you’re going to need
it’s nice to have a couple little cases
around just to put screws and what
rubber pieces and different things that
you’re going to be doing when we take
part laptops get yourself a tape measure
or a ruler or something that where you
can make measurements or size things up
if you need to do that which will
definitely happen especially laptop
screens and that sort of thing
get yourself a set of tweezers remember
you’re working in very confined areas if
you drop a screw or if you need to
remove a wire or get into a certain spot
knees can’t do it with a pair of
needlenose pliers
these are the tools you want to use I
buy a whole set of them so you have
different varieties so you get in
different different areas and I
definitely put some tweezers in your
tool kit Allen wrenches not terribly
commonly used on laptops but every once
in a while you’re going to encounter
them so it’s probably wise to get it
just a cheap set of Allen wrenches or
one of those all-in-one allen wrench
you know devices that have like six of
them or eight of them sticking out like
this one here paint brushes I use these
paint brushes a lot I think I got them
at IKEA for like seven dollars for a
whole set of them and I use them to dust
off certain parts of the laptop it’s a
great thing to use as a duster and you
could always shake the dust out of them
when you’re done but it’s great for
laptops because it doesn’t scratch
anything and it gets all the dust out of
the little crevices and crannies of the
I love the Stinger 2.5 gallon wet/dry
vac which which is what this is here
especially with the brush attachment
it’s great for cleaning out keyboards
cleaning up all the dirt off of the top
and bottom parts of the case of a
computer even when you open up the
computer you can use that wet/dry back
and suck out a lot of the dust that’s on
the inside you’ll see how I use it in
the videos great tool to have in your
shop I definitely recommend it it’s not
a necessity but it’s a good idea to have
a socket set or something you can
unscrew standoffs or bolts or something
that’s stuck onto a laptop there and
finally if you look around you’re going
to find computer repair kits that have
most of the tools I talked about already
in them you get the pliers of
screwdrivers soldering iron a small
drill and a lot of them Allen wrenches
exacto knives tweezers it is a good
thing to have especially if you’re on
on-site technician you need all your
tools in one place so definitely check
them out you get them at RadioShack
Micro Center on new egg any big computer
store is going to have something like
that for you well that’s going to wrap
up the the tools that you need I went
through the basis as you continue to
watch the videos you’ll see what I use
the most and then you’ll know it you
know what priority to get these tools
but that’s a quick rundown
pretty much everything I use to get
laptop repairs done hope it helped

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